New Year Update 2018

Sunday, January 7th, 2018 by

Happy Brew Year! I’m making forward progress on the brewery build out, albeit a bit slower than I’d hoped, but I’m still on track to be brewing again by the end of January.

I successfully wired up the 30A outlet and installed the GFCI breaker, so the brewery now has power.

I also set up the brew stand to test fit the kettles and gear, and performed a successful cleaning cycle to get the kettles ready for the first brew day at our new location!

I did have to run the water hoses out the window to the exterior spigot to get water, though, so I’m currently working on plumbing in a dedicated water line for the brewery inside.

After that’s done, I can start brewing! I’d really like to get the ventilation done soon, though, to prevent any moisture issues in the basement, so that’s next on the list. I’ll be building an exhaust hood, installing ducting with an in-line fan to vent outside, and also installing a make-up air duct on the other side of the basement to bring in fresh air while the exhaust fan is running.

Stay tuned for more updates in the near future. Here’s the 2018 and brewing new beers!