Eila’s Old Black

Black. Thick. Rich. Complex.

This beer defies classification. Call it a black barleywine, call it a Belgian dark strong, call it an imperial stout, call it a majority ale, but it’s a bit of them all. Brewed with dark malts, this high gravity ale is fermented with a Belgian yeast strain and aged on oak for a complex, sweet, dessert beer that will surely please the palate.

We call it a majority ale because it’s designed to age for up to 21 years, the age of majority. This first release was brewed to celebrate the birth of Ben’s daughter, in hopes that she will be able to enjoy a bottle when she turns 21.

This limited release beer is brewed once a year in the fall and only gets better with age.


Maris Otter Pale Malt, Crystal 80L Malt, Carafa Special III Malt, Cascade Hops, Belgian Yeast, Water


Style Majority Ale
Original Gravity 1.102
ABV 11.9%
IBU 59
RBR 0.60
SRM 40