New Location

Tuesday, November 7th, 2017 by

This past summer, we purchased our first home in Black Diamond, WA, and did a lot of renovations, and we’re finally settled in. That means I finally have time to get the brewery set up again. I haven’t been able to brew since May, and I’m itching to boil some wort again!

The house has a small partial basement with an external entrance. With easy access to water and wiring, and an external wall for ventilation, it’s the perfect spot to set up the Underhill brewery. It’ll be pretty cozy, but with the external entrance, I’ll actually be able to start the federal licensing process. I’ll be documenting the process over the next couple months, culminating with a special inaugural brew.

Here’s what the space currently looks like (my home office is set up down there as well):

Stay tuned for more updates as I build out the brewery!